A Big Axe and an Even Bigger Tree

The party ventures out of Shatterstone towards Mithrendain, the Autumn City. Just of the road is a large willow tree, where Palyr is believed to be hiding. After a short march, the party comes across the path to the tree.

As the party marches down the path they find that the road seems to continue endlessley forward. As they march, Rothkar notices some protective runes on the trunks of every few trees lining the path. After Harwell discerns that the markings themselves are not arcane, Rothkar puts his runic hand upon the tree, and uses his power to heal the tree. The rune appears to be a scar that prevents the party from passing to the vale of the tree.

As Rothkar heals the scars, the party finds themselves able to continue. As they approach the tree, they marvel at the size. The willow is as large as any castle, and has many well-lit windows moving up the trunk.

As the party approaches, Palyr appears to them, along with several sinister-looking dark satyrs. The party explains there purpose to the Paylr, and he agrees to give them the axe on one condition: they must catch him. Cliff agrees on behalf of the party, and shakes Palyr’s hand to bind themselves to the fey pact. However, Cliff takes the opportunity to mark Palyr with his oath, ensuring that Cliff will always know Palyr’s location.

Palyr realizes he’s tricked and orders his satyrs to attack. While the party combats the dark satyrs, Cliff uses his blinding speed and unwavering pursuit to run down Palyr as he tries to flee.

The party defeats the satyrs, and Cliff binds Palyr and brings him before the party. Aleron does not take kindly to Palyr’s treachery and wishes to kill him. The party does not feel that this is necessary, but they do order him to flee the glade and never return. He flees into the feywild and certain demise at the hands of the creatures there.

Upon Paylr vacating the glade, it is revealed that the large tree is actually an Archfey in the service of Oran the Green Lord, Salix.

The party interacts with Salix, and they imbue Salix with their power, making her a more formidable ally.

Unintentional Tresspass

The party finds themselves transported into the feywild, stuck in a region they had not intended: Brokenstone Vale. Thorn lets them know on no uncertain terms that they need to leave. Brokenstone Vale is home of the lycanthropes. These creatures, ruled by Viktor Mazan, are very territorial of their home, as they were driven from the remaining lands of the feywild, and are allowed free reign to hunt in the vale.

The party carefully makes their way towards the boundaries of the Vale, attempting to avoid accosting the lycanthropes. Unfortunately they encounter a family of were-beasts and are forced to slay them. As the party continues, the corpses of the werebeasts left behind rouses the remaining werewolves, who give chase to the party.

As they attempt to flee, more and more beasts appear to give chase. The party is eventually surrounded, and finds themselves face to face with Viktor Mazan. Their demise is eminent, until the Maiden of the Moon ascends from the sky to offer her protection. Viktor reminds the Maiden that the Vale is home to the lycanthropes, and that she holds no sway as long as the lycanthropes remain in their lands. Viktor does agree to let the trespassers live but they must help him.

The party returns with Viktor to Shatterstone, a city on the edge of Brokenstone Vale, to hear Viktor’s bargain.

The party hears Viktor’s deal. He will let the party go free, but at a price. Aleron balks at the deal, as he does not tend to bow to the pressures of those other than Bane. Victor explains that the lycanthropes have a strict sense of justice. Trespassers are not to be forgiven, and must pay for their crimes.

Victor presents the party with two tasks. First, his great-axe, NAME, was stolen by a saytr named Palyr, who had tricked the lycanthropes into letting him live in their city as a traitor. Viktor would like it returned.

Second, lycanthropes in Brokenstone Vale are being killed in the night. He believes that a town called Wolfshedge may be the source of these killings, and the party is charged with investigating on his behalf.

After some discussion the party agrees to retrieve the Axe.

Changing of the Guard

The party returns back to Kyndale to deliver the good news to the Temple of Ehlonna. The priestess Liliana thanks the conscripts for there service, and they return to their post. While checking on their prisoner, they come across the jailer Dric, drunk. Aleron, not amused, throws him in a cell, and visits the Mayor to select a new jailer.

The mayor presents two potential candidates. The first Thorn suspects is a murderer. She smells of death and betrayal to him. The second is prideful and ambitious. When introduced to Aleron, the second spits in his face. Aleron strikes him down, and both elves draw daggers to kill him. The party subdues them with ease. With no further candidates for jailer, Suriah steps forward to serve, and a new conscript joins the party: Rothkar, son of Ragnar, a stout dwarven Runepriest.

The party rests for the evening, and returns to the Wet Dryad inn for food, drink, and to get to know their new associate. While drinking at the Wet Dryad, they reveal to Leogold what they’ve learned. Much to their chagrin, The Gold Lion tells them that Ala’cyradae is a much greater threat that they had expected. They require the help of someone much more powerful: Marfire.

Returning to Marfire’s manse, they find Kethlie Aspferdies locked in the basement of the mansion. But they meet a gnome bound to his service, looking for answers in the library. He explains to them that the need the assistance of one of the fey courts, and provides the party with information. He leads them to a grove where they may enter the Fey, only to find a wererat running off with one of the ritual stones necessary to enter the Fey. After defeating the wererat and his minions, the party rests, only to find the gnome completing the ritual, and sending them into the Fey.

Steak and BJ Day
Finding the Heart of the Forest

Still searching for the Heart of the Forest and (name?), the missing Druid’s apprentice, we follow the river further upstream. While attempting to climb some rocks that line a small waterfall, a big ass rage bear jumps out and tries to F us in the B. We proceed to turn the tables.

After defeating the bear and making our way further upstream, we find that the river’s source is some sort of high volume spring at the base of a huge dome made of dense, twisting vines. Out from the top of the dome protrudes the spire of the Druidic temple. Attempts to chop and burn the vines are futile, so Aleron decides to take matters into his own hands. Using some sort of magic unbeknownst to the other players, he makes his way down into the spring. Nearly 20 min later, we hear him hacking away at the vines, and he emerges, slightly wet, from the dome.

As we make our way into the dome, we see the temple. In front of the temple is a fountain of stone whose water is the same tainted gray as the spring and river. It appears that this fountain is the source of water for the system. A strange luminescent moss covers much of the temple, and heavily lines the long entrance hallway. Harwell takes some of the moss for later use as a tea… with any luck he could have a vision or two.

An unnatural confusion overtakes any who attempt to walk through the hall. Attempts to cover our mouths don’t have any effect on the confusion. We decide to bolt for it, and some stumble and fall due to the effect.

Having all made our way into the temple we find a young druid, clothes tattered and clearly confused, standing near the place where the Heart rest. The gem is missing, and the druid babbles incoherently. Annoyed by the man, Cliff picks him up and carries him quickly out of the temple. En route the druid takes a swing with his staff, but Cliff is unscathed and pins him to the ground outside.

The rest of the group begins to act strangely. Victor, Suriah and Thorn pause before moving through the hall, clearly concerned. Aleron takes them all under his arm (with a bit of struggle) and carries them out of the temple.

Finally outside, the group tries to get some answers out of the druid. “We must leave!” he says, “we must go back!” Clearly insane, but generally seeming to calm down, Cliff eases up on him. Out of nowhere, the party starts attacking each other. Aleron (does some shit… can’t remember what). Cliff is bloodied by an attack by Thorn and in a haze sprints back into the temple, shifting into his feral form. Aleron goes in after him.

Inside the temple Cliff is doing battle with a huge lumbering hump (a.k.a. blubbering mound, a.k.a. quivering load). This huge vine-creature has a large main section and multiple offshoots with semi-autonomous pods. Cliff swings from vine to vine, striking the pods and severing a few before the rest of the group joins in the fight.

Meanwhile, having heard some commotion inside, the group begins to make their way into the temple. A battle ensues, but the party is often overtaken by their confusion. At times they find themselves inexplicably running away, attacking nearby creatures or just drooling all over themselves.

Frustrated with his lack of control, Aleron drops to a knee mid-battle and prays for Bane to give him the strength to overcome the confusion. The tyrannical god instead instructs him to find strength in the moss. With the new revelation, he makes his way back to the entrance. Taking a chunk of moss he jams it into his mouth. “Eap the moff” he says to the others, mouth full and bitter with the taste.

In turn, the party moves to the hall and eats some of the moss. The effect seems to be lessened, and they proceed to destroy the hump and its minions. As Thorn makes the final blow the vines start to recede, and in the center lies an old druid. He is dead, and embedded in his chest is the Heart of the Forest.

Harwell takes the heart, but before he can examine it closely, the apprentice snatches it out of his hand. Walking gently to the rear of the temple, he places it gently in the stone. (He says some shit about how the gem can’t be wielded.) The vines of the dome begin to recede, and after a few moments the sun shines brightly throughout the temple. We take stock of our wounds and take a short rest, weary from battle but hopeful that the blight may soon be removed.


Some XP

Marfyre's Manse
Arrival in Kyndale

In the world of Greyhawk, along the Velverdyra River, sits the town of Kyndale. A travelling hub, very few residents live in this town for long periods of time. With such a large number of travellers passing through town, there is need for order. As part of entry into the town, the Mayor of the town is responsible for conscripting adventurers passing through town into the town guard.

During this 6 month conscription cycle, 5 adventurers are chosen:

Aleron Shadowblade – Human Paladin of Bane
Thorn Snowbranch – Pixie Hexblade
Cliff – Razorclaw Shifter Avenger of Ioan
Harwell Spiritwalker – Human Shaman
Suriah – Pixie Bard

As conscripts, the party is charged with protecting the town and its citizens when needed.


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