Marfyre's Manse
Arrival in Kyndale

In the world of Greyhawk, along the Velverdyra River, sits the town of Kyndale. A travelling hub, very few residents live in this town for long periods of time. With such a large number of travellers passing through town, there is need for order. As part of entry into the town, the Mayor of the town is responsible for conscripting adventurers passing through town into the town guard.

During this 6 month conscription cycle, 5 adventurers are chosen:

Aleron Shadowblade – Human Paladin of Bane
Thorn Snowbranch – Pixie Hexblade
Cliff – Razorclaw Shifter Avenger of Ioan
Harwell Spiritwalker – Human Shaman
Suriah – Pixie Bard

As conscripts, the party is charged with protecting the town and its citizens when needed.


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