Unintentional Tresspass

The party finds themselves transported into the feywild, stuck in a region they had not intended: Brokenstone Vale. Thorn lets them know on no uncertain terms that they need to leave. Brokenstone Vale is home of the lycanthropes. These creatures, ruled by Viktor Mazan, are very territorial of their home, as they were driven from the remaining lands of the feywild, and are allowed free reign to hunt in the vale.

The party carefully makes their way towards the boundaries of the Vale, attempting to avoid accosting the lycanthropes. Unfortunately they encounter a family of were-beasts and are forced to slay them. As the party continues, the corpses of the werebeasts left behind rouses the remaining werewolves, who give chase to the party.

As they attempt to flee, more and more beasts appear to give chase. The party is eventually surrounded, and finds themselves face to face with Viktor Mazan. Their demise is eminent, until the Maiden of the Moon ascends from the sky to offer her protection. Viktor reminds the Maiden that the Vale is home to the lycanthropes, and that she holds no sway as long as the lycanthropes remain in their lands. Viktor does agree to let the trespassers live but they must help him.

The party returns with Viktor to Shatterstone, a city on the edge of Brokenstone Vale, to hear Viktor’s bargain.

The party hears Viktor’s deal. He will let the party go free, but at a price. Aleron balks at the deal, as he does not tend to bow to the pressures of those other than Bane. Victor explains that the lycanthropes have a strict sense of justice. Trespassers are not to be forgiven, and must pay for their crimes.

Victor presents the party with two tasks. First, his great-axe, NAME, was stolen by a saytr named Palyr, who had tricked the lycanthropes into letting him live in their city as a traitor. Viktor would like it returned.

Second, lycanthropes in Brokenstone Vale are being killed in the night. He believes that a town called Wolfshedge may be the source of these killings, and the party is charged with investigating on his behalf.

After some discussion the party agrees to retrieve the Axe.


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