Changing of the Guard

The party returns back to Kyndale to deliver the good news to the Temple of Ehlonna. The priestess Liliana thanks the conscripts for there service, and they return to their post. While checking on their prisoner, they come across the jailer Dric, drunk. Aleron, not amused, throws him in a cell, and visits the Mayor to select a new jailer.

The mayor presents two potential candidates. The first Thorn suspects is a murderer. She smells of death and betrayal to him. The second is prideful and ambitious. When introduced to Aleron, the second spits in his face. Aleron strikes him down, and both elves draw daggers to kill him. The party subdues them with ease. With no further candidates for jailer, Suriah steps forward to serve, and a new conscript joins the party: Rothkar, son of Ragnar, a stout dwarven Runepriest.

The party rests for the evening, and returns to the Wet Dryad inn for food, drink, and to get to know their new associate. While drinking at the Wet Dryad, they reveal to Leogold what they’ve learned. Much to their chagrin, The Gold Lion tells them that Ala’cyradae is a much greater threat that they had expected. They require the help of someone much more powerful: Marfire.

Returning to Marfire’s manse, they find Kethlie Aspferdies locked in the basement of the mansion. But they meet a gnome bound to his service, looking for answers in the library. He explains to them that the need the assistance of one of the fey courts, and provides the party with information. He leads them to a grove where they may enter the Fey, only to find a wererat running off with one of the ritual stones necessary to enter the Fey. After defeating the wererat and his minions, the party rests, only to find the gnome completing the ritual, and sending them into the Fey.


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