A Big Axe and an Even Bigger Tree

The party ventures out of Shatterstone towards Mithrendain, the Autumn City. Just of the road is a large willow tree, where Palyr is believed to be hiding. After a short march, the party comes across the path to the tree.

As the party marches down the path they find that the road seems to continue endlessley forward. As they march, Rothkar notices some protective runes on the trunks of every few trees lining the path. After Harwell discerns that the markings themselves are not arcane, Rothkar puts his runic hand upon the tree, and uses his power to heal the tree. The rune appears to be a scar that prevents the party from passing to the vale of the tree.

As Rothkar heals the scars, the party finds themselves able to continue. As they approach the tree, they marvel at the size. The willow is as large as any castle, and has many well-lit windows moving up the trunk.

As the party approaches, Palyr appears to them, along with several sinister-looking dark satyrs. The party explains there purpose to the Paylr, and he agrees to give them the axe on one condition: they must catch him. Cliff agrees on behalf of the party, and shakes Palyr’s hand to bind themselves to the fey pact. However, Cliff takes the opportunity to mark Palyr with his oath, ensuring that Cliff will always know Palyr’s location.

Palyr realizes he’s tricked and orders his satyrs to attack. While the party combats the dark satyrs, Cliff uses his blinding speed and unwavering pursuit to run down Palyr as he tries to flee.

The party defeats the satyrs, and Cliff binds Palyr and brings him before the party. Aleron does not take kindly to Palyr’s treachery and wishes to kill him. The party does not feel that this is necessary, but they do order him to flee the glade and never return. He flees into the feywild and certain demise at the hands of the creatures there.

Upon Paylr vacating the glade, it is revealed that the large tree is actually an Archfey in the service of Oran the Green Lord, Salix.

The party interacts with Salix, and they imbue Salix with their power, making her a more formidable ally.


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